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In view of the great esthetic demands on the part of our patients, today tooth lightening is, and should be, an integral part of an esthetic rehabilitation plan. To be able to use the lightening as part of an esthetic project, it is important to completely understand the products which are available to us, their mode of action, as well as their secondary effects. In addition, the discolorations treated are not, unfortunately, all identical. It is indispensable to make known the effects of these oxidizing agents, in order to perceive the results of these techniques. A delay at the end of treatment must be respected for the eventual shade selection, and also so that the practitioner is able to restore or bond under ideal conditions.The need for information about any eventual side effects, as well as the potential results, are an essential part of the successful progress of these procedures.
From the ensemble of these elements, it will thus be simple to integrate the “magic” effect of the lightening techniques, in a timely fashion, into a global esthetic project.

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