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Masticatory ability, efficiency and performance are terms given by various authors at various times to define chewing function. It demonstrates the complexity, to describe and to measure the individual chewing capacity. Various methods were used for measurements of chewing function such as fractional sieving or questionnaires for the assessment of the subjective chewing experience. Further, records of daily food intake were kept and changes in diet were analyzed. Registration of chewing and biting forces, of tactile sensibility, kinesiology and electromyography are surrogate measurements to investigate mastication. Clinical tests were performed on dentate, partially and completely edentulous subjects to analyze the effect of tooth loss and the impact of various types of prosthesis, particularly along with implant support. While complete denture wearers exhibit low forces, reduced tactile sensibility and impaired chewing capacity, the performance of patients with shortened dental arches and implant-supported prostheses is enhanced or may be equal to a full complement of natural teeth.

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