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This book IMPLANTOLOGIC is directed at dental implantologists who want to adopt good working practices and a working methodology to implement correct treatment planning and decision-making.
To reach this goal, the treatment team has to assess properly the initial clinical situation in terms of risks, technical difficulties and skill requirement to attain the desired aesthetic result, especially in the anterior region. In other terms, each practitioner team needs to question itself: Will we be able to carry out this case with success? How? And how easily will it be achieved?
The authors review the latest concepts in dental implantology and design an innovative 10-parameters clinical assessment template (CAT). Its purpose is to facilitate the assessment of the soft and hard tissue parameters in order to be able to predict realistically the goals achievable in terms of aesthetic result. A decision table with all treatment options complements the CAT. Its purpose is to help, beginners and experienced practitioners alike, determine the most appropriate treatment sequence in terms of surgery and prosthetics.
The impact of each CAT parameter operates in a specific manner on the timing of the implant placement, which may be immediate or delayed, on the procedures to be performed on the hard tissue, on the soft tissues and on the type of temporization. By a process of elimination, a decision tree template (DecTree) stems out from the table of all possibilities; it indicates the most appropriate surgical and prosthetic sequence that suits the patient needs.
The methodology is applicable to a wide range of indications, therefore, anterior, posterior and fully edentulous cases are exposed. The thinking process is discussed and shows how to blend the CAT and the DecTree in order to have a clear picture of what to do and when.
The purpose of this book is, therefore, to provide decision-making and action-planning tools for a more reliable and more predictable implantology in terms of tissue results. It should enable the reader to operate in a more self-confident and relaxed routine.

Table of contents


I Theoretical section

Current scientific knowledge

Planning the appropriate surgical and prosthetic 4D treatment

II Rehabilitation of the esthetic region

Cas 1 – Single tooth loss in the anterior maxilla (Case 1)

Cas 2 – Single tooth loss in the anterior maxilla (Case 2)

Cas 3 – Single tooth loss in the anterior maxilla (Case 3)

Cas 4 – Partially edentulous anterior maxilla

III Rehabilitation of the posterior region

Cas 5 – Partially edentulous posterior mandible

Cas 6 – Partially edentulous posterior maxilla

Cas 7 – Single tooth loss in the posterior mandible

IV Rehabilitation of the fully edentulous jaw

Cas 8 – Fully edentulous maxilla

Cas 9 – Fully edentulous mandible

Cas 10 – Fully edentulous maxilla with a gingival smile

V Computer-Assisted Implantology (CAI)

Cas 11 – Guided surgery and CAI

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