NRPI – New paradigms in esthetic perio-implantology


UGS : LIV0011416 Catégorie : Auteur : Guest coordinator André P. SaadounAnnée : 2022Volume : 2Numéro : 5
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This edition deals with the new paro-implant paradigms, and in particular with the impact of digital evolution in smile aesthetics.

The future seems to be moving towards technical simplification with a need to rethink periodontology and implantology, with more predictable, less invasive, more comfortable, less stressful surgery, implementing current Digital Tools while applying the principles basis of our Art. The International Dental Federation, further recalls recently that an unhealthy mouth not only has an impact on general health, but it can also have a serious impact on the emotional, social, mental and physical well-being of patients! It is therefore important to learn lessons for the well-being of our patients. The challenge in perio-implantology is to manage the hard tissue/soft tissue complex and to keep the natural appearance of the patient’s dentition. The creation of an aesthetic smile, with a gingival architecture in harmony with natural teeth or dental or implants restorations, remains a formidable challenge in dentistry. These two entities must be in harmony and create an inseparable symbiosis.

But the clinician still has to make our patients understand that if they have not been able to keep their teeth, how are we going to ensure, as practitioners, that they maintain the results of any periodontal surgery and that they keep their implant for as long as possible?

It is therefore essential to invest in patient motivation and maintenance through good personal and professional oral hygiene to finally have a beautiful smile.


Applying esthetic dentistry guidelines on crown lengthening in the management of gummy smile reduction
Naji Abboud, Pamela Demian, Joyce Al Rahi

Socket shield technique for papilla predictability between two adjacent implants in the aesthetic zone: a case report with a 5-years follow-up
Luis Bessa, Andreia Simoes 21

Cantilever one-wing resin-bonded fixed prosthesis as an alternative for a single implant restoration: from planning to success
Daniela Bogena

Emergence profile’s impact on bio-functional and muco-esthetic integration
Stefano Inglese

Multidisciplinary treatment for gummy smile using digital resources
Sergio Kahn, Alexandra Tavares Dias, Fernanda Camargo Sylveira, Sami Ben Sliman, Gustavo Vicentis De Oliveira Fernandes

Tissue augmentation of the peri-implant frame in the aesthetic zone: a digital approach
Alexander Lysov, Alexander Shumsky

Minimally invasive approaches to treat gingival recessions in two clinical situations
Luiz Gustavo Nascimento De Melo, Sarah Camilo Duarte, Barbara Farias De Souza, Marcos Antônio Dias Junior

Hard and soft tissue augmentation in the anterior maxilla/esthetic management of the pontic emergence profile
Amin Motamedi

The new MDR 2021 quality requirements for dental implantologists post-market clinical follow-up (PMCF) by systematic aMMP-8 biomarker screening
Ady Palti, Dirk-Rolf Gieselmann, Timo Sorsa, Mark Thomas Sebastian 125

Full digital workflow for anterior immediate implant placement: implementing guided surgery and one-time abutment concept
Stavros Pelekanos, Panagiotis Ntovas

Anterior maxillary growth in implantology. Complications, management and prevention?
André P. Saadoun 151

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