Periodontology – Made easy


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Approaching periodontology in the “made easy”collection has been a real challenge as this is a complex discipline, and difficult to comprehensively integrate into daily clinical practice.
The co-authors of this book, who are clinicians and university professors from across the European continent, agreed to take on the challenge of distilling their knowledge into a working reference textbook of periodontology.
From the management of the patient to the long-term follow-up, including multidisciplinary treatment options, they present the key fundamentals, synthesizing years of experience into best-practice clinical methods.
Their experience helps to get to the point, which is to develop the appropriate treatment plan for each patient.
This is indeed the purpose of this book: supplying a practical guide to every practitioner, particularly to non-specialized dental surgeons, delivering simple, clear messages, along with some “tricks”.
It is illustrated with numerous clinical examples and with helpful guides
providing answers to essential questions:
– How should the screening or the complete periodontal assessment
be performed?
– How can we identify high risk patients and assess their periodontal profile?
– How can we help our patients understand their disease and find
the right words to help motivate them to achieve and maintain oral health?
– What are best tools and instruments used for periodontal screening, as well
as those used for treatment?
– When is surgery indicated, and what are the key steps during the planning,
intervention and follow-up phases?
– When is the additional use of orthodontics, prosthetics and/or implant
rehabilitation indicated? And what are the known risks of these additional

Readers will find helpful answers to all of these questions as each chapter provides a comprehensive and easy-to-understand resource, reflecting years of clinical experience and scientific evidence, in each topical area in the practice of periodontology.


with the participation of:
Jean-Pierre Albouy, Michel Bartala, Yiorgos A. Bobetsis, Isabelle Bonafé,
Mathieu Crevel, Denise Da Silva, Frédéric Duffau, Gilles Gagnot,
Jean-Louis Giovannoli, Søren Jepsen, Isabelle Juzanx, France Lambert,
Phoebus N. Madianos, Charles Micheau, Nathalie Thys, Christian Verner

Discover few page of Periodontology
Etiopathogenesis of periodontitis

Søren Jepsen

Oral – Systemic relationship

Yiorgos A. Bobetsis, Phoebus N. Madianos

Screening and risk profile

Gilles Gagnot, Michèle Reners 33

Patient therapeutic education

Michèle Reners, Gilles Gagnot 49

Mechanical removal of bacterial deposits

Gilles Gagnot 63


Frédéric Duffau, Charles Micheau

The re-evaluation

Michèle Reners, Mathieu Crevel

Surgical treatment

Christian Verner

Periodontal follow-up

Mathieu Crevel, Michèle Reners

Mucogingival surgery

France Lambert

Treatment of tooth migration and secondary malocclusion

Isabelle Juzanx, Jean-Louis Giovannoli

Periodontal treatment stabilisation

Isabelle Bonafé, Michèle Reners, Denise Da Silva, Nathalie Thys

The periodontium: fixed prosthodontics

Michel Bartala, Christian Verner

Periodontology and implants

Jean-Pierre Albouy


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Page 38 : Periodontal diseases – Download
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